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Industry Flight Search Engine and travel information
Founded 1996
Founder John Hatt
Headquarters London, England
Key people

Hugo Burge, CEO

Andrew Shelton, Managing Director
Owner Momondo Group

Cheapflights is a travel metasearch engine which compares flight prices from airlines and online travel agents. Established in 1996, Cheapflights was the first flight search and comparison website.[1][2] The company is headquartered in London with an additional office in Boston, and is owned by Copenhagen-based Momondo Group.


Cheapflights was founded in 1996[3] by former travel journalist John Hatt.[4][5][6] Following a management buy-in in early 2000 by entrepreneurs David Soskin and Hugo Burge, Cheapflights introduced the pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising remuneration model.[4][5][6][1]

The company launched its US site in May 2003.[3][6][1][5] In 2005, Cheapflights launched its travel blog.[5] By 2006, Cheapflights made £1 billion in travel sales annually.[7] Cheapflights launched its site in Canada in April 2007.[3][1] In 2008, the UK site was relaunched with new technology.[5][8][9]

In 2011, Cheapflights Media Ltd purchased Copenhagen-based meta-search site Momondo and its parent company Skygate International.[10] In 2012, the company underwent a corporate rebranding, adopting the name Momondo Group, as part of its stated strategy to move into more non-English-speaking markets. The company also announced expansion into Australia, and in April 2013, launched a country-specific Cheapflights site in New Zealand.[11][12][13] Cheapflights began introducing its new meta-search site which replaced the company's previous search technology.[14]

In October 2014, Boston-based private equity fund Great Hill Partners invested £80 million in Cheapflights' parent company, Momondo Group.[15] Cheapflights launched its South African site in February 2015,[16] and expanded its meta-search technology to the UK site in June 2015.[14]

The company recorded 500,000 users across its websites in one day in January 2016.[17] In February 2016, Cheapflights updated its website and app with personalization tools used to save preferences. At that time, the mobile application was being downloaded 200,000 times per month.[18][19]


Cheapflights is a publishing platform for flight prices, which compares up-to-date prices arranged by destination from suppliers including major airlines through tiny travel agents.[20] The company uses pay-per-click and display advertising.[5] Agents advertise on the Cheapflights website and are charged on a pay-per-click basis for users who link through to their websites.[21][22]


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