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Chebo is an ethnic group in Ethiopia living in the Debub Mirab Shewa Zone and west shewa zone·The term can refer to members of either ethnic group living in this Zone.

One possible explanation of the name of the ethnic group, Chebo, is their affinity for the chebo plant[1] which is normally burned during Meskel damera celebrations. Another possible explanation is the name of the area where the Chebo people live. Parts of the Debub Mirab Shewa Zone had been incorporated in Chebo and Gurage Awraja[2][3] in the Shewa province, as it was called prior to 1995. The life of Chabo peoples is so attractive with full of wisdom at every action. That is why most non-Chabo people attribute the name(chabo) for a person who is wise at every affair, meanwhile the Chabo people do not like the bearing of the name, because sometimes people associate the name with greediness in bad faith. It is definite that the so-called greediness is a misconception of the ability of the Chabo to manage situations to their advantage.[citation needed]

Notable Chebo[edit]

  • Esteban Mitsou Errandonea
  • Habtegiorgis Dinagde - an advisor of zufan chilot of haile sillasie.


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