Cheboksary Reservoir

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Cheboksary Reservoir (Russian: Чебоксарское водохранилище, Chuvash: Шупашкар шыв усравĕ) is an artificial lake in the central part of the Volga River and formed by the Cheboksary Dam in Novocheboksarsk.[1][2]

A surface area of Cheboksary Reservoir is 2190 km², max width is 16 km, max depth is 35 m.

The largest cities on the Reservoir are Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary and Kozmodemyansk.


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Coordinates: 56°18′00″N 46°42′53″E / 56.30000°N 46.71472°E / 56.30000; 46.71472