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Industry Personal finance, Software
Founded 2007
Headquarters Palo Alto, California
Area served
United States, Canada
Products Mobile application, Rich Internet application

Mint Bills, formerly Check[1] and before that Pageonce,[2] was a website and mobile banking application developed by Check, Inc.[3] Mint Bills utilized proprietary account aggregation technology for secure payment technologies in its mobile applications; its primary service allowed users to pay bills and track bank, credit card, investment, and loan transactions and balances through the Mint Bills website or mobile apps for its Android and iOS platforms. Mint Bills was bought by Intuit in 2014 and fully integrated into in March 2017.

Check, Inc.[edit]

Check, Inc., which developed the original Pageonce program later renamed Check, was founded in May 2007[4] and had offices in Palo Alto, CA and in Israel. Check raised $1.5M in capital investment from Liron Petrushka and Bobby Lent in January 2008,[5] and a further $6.5M from Pitango Venture Capital in December 2009.[6]


In May 2014, Intuit agreed to purchase Check for $360 million; the purchase was expected to occur before July 31, 2014.[7] In December 2014, the transition was completed, and new users installed Mint Bills, while installed Check apps updated automatically to Mint Bills.[8][9]

In December 2016, Mint began integrating bill tracking payment and functionality into and the Mint app.[10] In January 2017, users were notified by email and via notices in their apps that Mint Bills would go away on 26 Mar 2017, and its functionality integrated with Mint.[11] As of 26 March 2017, the Mint Bills and Mint websites both indicate: "Start tracking and paying bills in Mint. Mint Bills is no longer available. The good news is that you can now manage bills and money together in Mint."[12]


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