Checkered Flag (video game)

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Checkered Flag
Checkered Flag
Cover art (Atari Lynx)
Developer(s) Atari Corporation
Rebellion Developments (Jaguar)
Publisher(s) Atari Corporation
Platform(s) Lynx (original)
Release Lynx
  • NA: 1991
  • NA: 1994
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player

Checkered Flag is a 1991 racing video game, for the Atari Lynx which was developed and published by Atari Corporation. The game can support up to six players.

A version of Checkered Flag developed by Rebellion Developments was released for the Atari Jaguar in 1994. Unlike in the Lynx version, the game features the option to change the color of a player's car in addition to the ability to modify the weather conditions.

A sequel was originally planned for the Jaguar under the name Checkered Flag 2, but the game was redesigned and retitled "Redline Racing",[1] and later still ported to the Jaguar CD and released as World Tour Racing. Destination Software also planned to release a Game Boy Advance version of the title around 2005, but it was canceled before it was released.[2]


Atari Lynx version[edit]

The Atari Lynx version of Checkered Flag was released in 1991, and was used as a pack-in game with the system in the Australian and European markets at some point in the system's life. It received a perfect 10 score from Robert A. Jung of IGN.[3] The 2-D graphics of the Lynx version were reminiscent of early Atari 2600 hit Pole Position with several improvements.

Atari Jaguar version[edit]

Box art for the 1994 Atari jaguar version.

The polygonal graphics of the Jaguar version were reminiscent of an earlier Atari arcade hit Hard Drivin' from 1988, however by the time this game was released in 1994, it looked very outdated compared to SEGA's more polished Virtua Racing.

Checkered Flag was released in November 1994 for Atari's Christmas campaign, alongside Doom, Club Drive, and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.


GamePro gave the Jaguar version a mostly negative review, criticizing the lack of multiplayer, the poor controls, and the outdated graphics, commenting that "Although it's designed for a 64-bit system, CF looks like a 16-bit game." However, they did compliment the realistic engine sounds.[4]

IGN gave the Lynx version an extremely positive review citing it as a masterpiece and giving it their respective highest score possible; a 10 out of 10. They praised the game for its tight controls, map designs and variety and good camera angle.[3]


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