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Mini Cheddars in "original" (left) and "BBQ" (right) flavours

Cheddars are a brand of baked Cheddar cheese-flavoured British-style savoury biscuit, having a granular crumbly texture unlike crackers which are harder, more brittle and flaky in texture. They are manufactured by McVitie's as an alternative to other snack foods such as potato crisps. They were originally manufactured and sold by Crawfords. Until 2014, Cheddars were marketed under the McVitie's brand, but are now marketed under the Jacob's brand. Cheddars are made with real cheese.

Mini Cheddars[edit]

Mini Cheddars were the result of product diversification by McVitie's as sales of their originals began to wane.[citation needed] They first launched in 1984-1985, and soon new flavours were introduced. Flavours include: Marmite, BBQ Beef, Branston Pickle, Cheese & Onion, Ham & Cheese and Mature Cheddar.

In 2015, a range of crispier, crinkled Mini Cheddars called Crinklys was launched, with flavours such as Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Sweet Chili.

In 2017, three new cheese flavours were added to the range: Stilton, Red Leicester and Smoked Applewood.

Giant Cheddars[edit]

Baked Cheddar Cheese Biscuits, also known as Giant Cheddars, are a larger version of the biscuit snack.

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