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Chee-Yun holding her Francesco Ruggieri violin built in 1669.
Kim Chee-yun
Hangul 김지연
Revised Romanization Kim Ji-yeon
McCune–Reischauer Kim Chi-yŏn

Kim Chee Yun (born 1970) is a South Korean female violinist[1] from Seoul. Her professional name is "Chee-Yun". Chee-Yun performed in Korea at the age of 13. She studied at the Juilliard School with Dorothy DeLay, Hyo Kang, and Felix Galimir. She won the Young Concert Artists International Auditions in 1989 which led to her New York City recital debut at Carnegie Hall. She records for the Denon label.

Chee-Yun was appointed Artist-in-Residence at the Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas in 2008. Besides teaching, she still actively tours and gives recitals and concert performances.

Chee-Yun plays the Stradivarius "Ex-Strauss" (Cremona, 1708), loaned by Samsung Corporation. Chee-Yun owns a Francesco Ruggieri violin made in the year 1669 which she purchased during the early years of her career. Her violin is speculated to have been buried underground for nearly two hundred years with its previous owner in Norway.[2]

She appeared in the season 7 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm,[3] "Denise Handicap".


  • 1988 winner of The Juilliard School Concerto Competitions
  • 1993 "Nan Pa" award (Korea)
  • 1990 Avery Fisher Career Grant winner


  • Vocalise - Violin Show Pieces
  • French Violin Sonatas
  • Mendelssohn & Vieuxtemps Concertos
  • Szymanowski & Franck Violin Sonatas
  • Vocalise d'amour
  • Sentimental Memories
  • Penderecki: Orchestral Works Volume 4
  • The Very Best of Chee-Yun
  • Lalo:Symphonie Espagnole and Saint-Saëns violin concerto No. 3


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