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The Traditional Martial Arts of Sri Lankans
The Traditional Martial Arts of Sri Lankans
Country of origin Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Creator Sri Lanka
Olympic sport No

Cheena di (Sinhalese: චීනාඩි, lit. Chinese fist) is a Chinese-derived martial art from Sri Lanka.[1] According to folklore, it was first brought to Sri Lanka 1600 years ago by Tang monks in pilgrimage to visit the island's various Buddhist places of worship.[2][3] Its technique, weaponry and attire is similar to Angampora, which was influenced by Indian martial arts. The famous Disapathiniya of Sathara Korale of the Marawalliye faction who is credited to have preserved the art was trained in India.[4][5][6]

Cheena di is nearly extinct today, the art takes at least 15 years to master. However, some people can take less than 15 years to master, depending on how well you train.[7]

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