Cheerleader Massacre

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Cheerleader Massacre
Cheerleader Massacre FilmPoster.jpeg
DVD release cover
Directed by Jim Wynorski
Produced by Jason Hoffs
Written by Lenny Juliano
Starring Tamie Sheffield
Charity Rahmer
Erin Byron
Music by Dan Savio
Cinematography Chuck Cirino
Edited by Dean McKendrick
Release date
  • March 23, 2003 (2003-03-23)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $60,000 (estimated)

Cheerleader Massacre is a 2003 slasher film directed by Jim Wynorski and written by Lenny Juliano. The film stars Tamie Sheffield, Charity Rahmer, and Erin Byron. The film is sometimes mistakenly listed as a sequel to the Slumber Party Massacre franchise, as it has a flashback sequence to that film but is a story on its own. However, as in those films, much of the film's appeal relies on female nudity, sex, and gore. It is regarded as a modern B-movie.

The DVD was released on March 25, 2003. The special features include trailers, actor bios, audio commentaries, and a making of featurette.


Cheerleaders Dina (Julie Corgill) and Linda (Brinke Stevens) arrive at an empty cabin and encounter Deputy DeMarco (Melissa Brasselle), who tells them to leave because the camp is a crime scene. Two days earlier, cheerleaders Debbie (Nikki Fritz), Angela (Erin Byron), Shelley (Summer Williams), Parker (Charity Rahmer), and Tammy Rae (Diana Espin) arrive at the camp along with their coach, Coach Hendricks (Tamie Sheffield). Shortly after they arrive, Hendricks's drunken ex-husband Buzzy (Lunk Johnson) arrives and flirts with Parker. Later, Shelley's hands are badly cut when somebody puts razor blades in her pom-poms.

That night, Tammy Rae calls Mark (Brad Beck) and Ryan (Tylo Tyler) to come party with them. Ryan and Shelley leave the party to have sex. Ryan returns to the party and masked person attacks Shelley and shoves razor blades down her throat before cutting her neck. Hendricks catches Mark and Ryan leaving and forces them to work in the kitchen. Later, Debbie's mouth is burned when she discovers boiling water in her thermos. Hendricks agrees to drive her to a hospital, but cannot find her car keys. Meanwhile, Debbie is cornered by the killer, who stabs her and pumps boiling water into the wound, killing Debbie.

Mark and Angela go to the cabin to have sex, where they find Shelley's corpse. Hendricks calls Sheriff Murdock (E. Eddie Edwards) and he arrives with Deputy Adams (GiGi Erneta). Shortly thereafter, Officer Phillips (Samantha Phillips) appears unexpectedly and forbids anyone to leave. After Murdock and Adams each find an eye in their coffee, Murdock storms off to talk to Phillips, leaving Adams alone in the cabin. She is suddenly attacked by the killer, who removes her eyes. Adams hears footsteps outside the cabin and blindly fires through the door, accidentally killing Murdock, and is then murdered with hot coffee.

Phillips locks Angela, Parker, and Tammy Rae in the cabin and Debbie's dead body is found with her eyes removed. After Tammy Rae discovers barbed wire in her lipstick, the killer drops a barbed wire noose around her neck and hangs her. Parker and Angela flee the cabin and hide in the kitchen, where they discover Ryan dead and Mark badly injured. Mark claims that the killer entered the kitchen with a nail gun, shooting him in the legs and Ryan in the head. Parker also discovers a nail in Ryan's granola bar. Angela desperately tries to make a call on her cell phone but discovers metal teeth glued to the screen. Phillips then breaks down the door and is killed by a mechanism with drops a bear trap on her head. Angela concludes that the trap was meant to kill her.

While Angela tries to hotwire Hendricks's car, Parker discovers Hendricks's dead body underneath it. Suddenly, the killer appears and fires a crossbow at the three. They run into the woods and Parker quickly gets separated from Mark and Angela. When the two try and hide, Mark suddenly coughs up an arrow head that the killer had forced down his throat. The killer then appears and shoots an arrow into Mark's eye, killing him. Angela flees and encounters Buzzy in his pickup truck, who offers to drive her back to the city. She willingly gets into the car but later becomes convinced that he is the killer. Angela stabs Buzzy with a broken beer bottle, causing a car crash in which Buzzy is killed but Angela survives. After she exits the car, she encounters the infuriated Parker. Parker reveals that she had been dating Buzzy and shoots Angela dead with Murdock's gun. Parker then encounters DeMarco, who knocks her unconscious.

Two days later, Dina and Linda hear screaming coming from DeMarco's trunk. The girls try to flee but she shoots Linda dead and handcuffs Dina. When DeMarco opens the trunk to stuff Dina inside, Parker leaps out and stabs her in the head with Hendricks's keys. Parker then leaves the camp with Dina. Some time later, Parker is shown drinking wine when she chokes and coughs up a bullet. Parker begins to panic as the screen cuts to black and a gunshot is heard.


  • Tamie Sheffield as Ms. Hendricks
  • Charity Rahmer as Parker Jameson
  • Erin Byron as Angela Caruso
  • Lenny Juliano (credited as Lunk Johnson) as Buzzy
  • Bill Langlois Monroe (credited as E. Eddie Edwards) as Sheriff Murdock
  • Samantha Phillips as Officer Phillips
  • GiGi Erneta as Deputy Adams
  • April Flowers (credited as Diana Espin) as Tammy Rae
  • Nikki Fritz as Debbie
  • Tylo Tyler as Ryan
  • Brad Beck as Mark
  • Summer Williams as Shelley
  • Brinke Stevens as Linda
  • Melissa Brasselle as Detective DeMarco
  • Julie Lisandro (credited as Julie Corgill) as Dina


Cheerleader Massacre received mixed to negative reviews. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has no reviews from critics, yet a "rotten" audience approval rating of 22%. On IMDb, the film's current rating is 3/10 stars.


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