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A Packers fan wearing a "cheesehead" hat

Cheesehead is a nickname in the United States for a person from Wisconsin[1] or for a fan of the Green Bay Packers NFL football franchise.

Current usage[edit]

Wisconsin is associated with cheese because the state historically produced more dairy products than other American states, giving it the nickname "America's Dairyland."[2] The use of the term "cheesehead" as a derogatory word for Wisconsinites originated with Illinois football and baseball fans to refer to opposing Wisconsin sports fans. The term, however, was quickly embraced by Wisconsinites and is now a point of pride.[3]

Cheesehead hat[edit]

Rose Bruno first saw a cardboard "cheesehead" hat at a Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago White Sox game in Chicago in 1987 worn by fellow Milwaukeean Amerik Wojciechowski.[4][5] Ralph Bruno later made the first one out of foam while he was cutting up his mother's couch. It was made popular by center-fielder Rick Manning, who saw the hat while playing.[6][7] Bruno started a business to sell the hats as novelties. The "Cheesehead" trademark is owned by Foamation, Inc. of St. Francis, Wisconsin, which began manufacture of the wearable, foam "Cheesehead" in 1987.[8] It has also been referred to as a "Cheese Hat" since it is legally a hat.[9]

In 2013, sports fans of Chicago replied to their rivals by wearing cheese graters.[10]

Other origins[edit]

  • kaaskop, Dutch for "Cheesehead", is used as a slanderous term towards Dutch people. The use started as early as World War II, when German soldiers were known to call the Dutch "cheeseheads".[11]
  • The term "cheesehead" was used in a derogatory manner in the 1969 novel Papillon to describe the French jury that sentenced Papillon to life in prison.[12][13]


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