Cheesman Dam

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Cheesman Dam
Cheesman Dam and Lake CO-A-0046.jpg
The dam in 1926
Cheesman Dam is located in Colorado
Cheesman Dam
Location of Cheesman Dam in Colorado
Location Jefferson County, Colorado, USA
Coordinates 39°12′27.03″N 105°16′20.05″W / 39.2075083°N 105.2722361°W / 39.2075083; -105.2722361Coordinates: 39°12′27.03″N 105°16′20.05″W / 39.2075083°N 105.2722361°W / 39.2075083; -105.2722361
Purpose Water supply
Opening date 1905
Operator(s) Denver Water
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Masonry, gravity arch
Impounds South Platte River
Height 221 feet (67 m)
Length 735 feet (224 m)
Width (crest) 18 feet (5.5 m)
Spillway type Concrete crest weir
Spillway capacity 22,370 cu ft/s (633 m3/s)
Total capacity 79,064 acre feet (0.097524 km3)
Surface area 877 acres (355 ha)

Cheesman Dam is a 211-foot-tall (64 m) masonry curved gravity dam on the South Platte River located in Colorado. It was the tallest of its type in the world when completed in 1905.[1] The primary purpose of the dam is water supply and it was named for Colorado businessman, Walter Scott Cheesman. In 1973 it was designated a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.[2]

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