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Tony Notaro
Anthony Joseph Notaro

(1954-11-05) November 5, 1954 (age 69)
Other namesChef Tony
Occupation(s)Salesman, chef
Years active1972-present
Known forInfomercial acting

Anthony Joseph "Chef Tony" Notaro (born November 5, 1954) is an advertising pitchman for cooking and kitchen products, seen primarily on infomercials and home shopping channels.[1]


He was born in Brooklyn, New York to first generation Italian-Americans. His informal chef training includes working in his grandmother's Southern Italian restaurant in lower Manhattan. His father sold fresh produce from a horse and wagon, and his mother ran a home-based Italian catering business.[1]

At age 16, Notaro began developing his own culinary products after school in a neighborhood pizzeria. At age 18 he became an assistant to a salesman demonstrating kitchen products in a local Brooklyn store. Notaro began demonstrating the Popeil Dial-O-Matic throughout New York City. Eventually chosen as the first person to demonstrate T-Fal cookware in the U.S. He was awarded 2002 best male demonstrator for Miracle Blade III and 2004 Best kitchen product for the Ultimate Chopper by the Electronic Retailers Association. He is a regular guest on the QVC Shopping Channel as well as Ideal World in England.


He is most noted for selling the patented Miracle Blades,[2] and the TastiWave. Tony also endorses the Ultimate Chopper (in an infomercial co-hosted by Jenilee Harrison). He also endorses Smartware bakeware, which is made of non-stick "Temperflex" silicone, SmartLidz, Wonder Cooker, Brown & Crisp, Funnel Cake Kit, and a dozen more products.[3]

Products from Genius[edit]

  • Salad Chef Smart
  • Cerafit Gold Edition
  • Cerafit Fusion (with the lotus-effect)
  • Nicer Dicer Plus
  • Nicer Dicer Fusion
  • Nicer Dicer Cube


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