Chehalem Mountains

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Chehalem Range
Bald Peak looking southeast.JPG
Southeast from Bald Peak.
Highest point
Peak Bald Peak
Elevation 1,629 ft (497 m)
Coordinates 45°23′46″N 123°03′18″W / 45.39611°N 123.05500°W / 45.39611; -123.05500Coordinates: 45°23′46″N 123°03′18″W / 45.39611°N 123.05500°W / 45.39611; -123.05500
Country United States
State Oregon
Borders on Oregon Coast Range

The Chehalem Mountains are a mountain range located in the Willamette Valley in the U.S. state of Oregon. Forming the southern boundary of the Tualatin Valley, the Chehalems are the highest mountains in the Willamette Valley.[dubious ] Composed of a single land mass that was uplifted by tectonic forces, the mountain range includes several spurs and ridges such as Parrett Mountain, Ribbon Ridge, and Bald Peak.[1] The range extends from the Willamette River east of Newberg northwest to the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range south of Forest Grove. The highest peak in the Chehalem Mountain Range is Bald Peak, rising to 1,629 feet (497 m),[2] which is also the highest peak point within the Willamette Valley.[1]

The word "Chehalem" is a corruption of the Atfalati Indian word "Chahelim," a name given in 1877 to one of the bands of Atfalati.[2]

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