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Cheia is a mountain resort, 60 kilometers north of Ploieşti, Prahova county, Romania. Situated in the Teleajen Valley, it is surrounded by Ciucaş Mountain and Zăganu Mountain.

Cheia - panorama

Heights, as shown in the panoramic photo (from left to right, view from the Babeş peak):

  • Bratocea pass (1263 m)
  • Tesla peak (1613 m)
  • Ciucaş peak (1954 m)
  • Valea Berii (the Beer Valley)
  • Muntele Roşu (the Red Mountain)
  • Gropşoare peak (1833 m)
  • Zăganu peak (1817 m)
  • Cheia resort (875 m).
Mănăstirea Cheia

Cheia Monastery is located to the southeast of the town.

Coordinates: 45°27′17″N 25°56′12″E / 45.45472°N 25.93667°E / 45.45472; 25.93667