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Cheikh Mohammad is a village situated in the Lebanese Akkar District. Situated 400 metres above sea level, in between two mountains, it overlooks the Akkar plains and sea. It is made up of approximately 450 houses, with 99% of the population being Christian, mostly Greek Orthodox and Melkite Catholics. This small village contains two schools, a primary and secondary as well as two churches, one dating back hundreds of years. And the very first hospital in AKKAR, "AKKAR Rahal Hospital" or " Hôpital AKKAR Rahal-HAR".


The residents of this village are predominantly Doctors of medicine, teachers, soldiers in the Lebanese army, police officers, or labourers part of the Future Movement.

Village life[edit]

The Village is divided into two sections, the upper and the lower. The upper is predominantly made up of the Bitar and Khoury families. The lower is predominantly made up of the El-Cheikh, Rahal, Mahfoud, Boustani, Taoum and Helwe families, although many of the families members have travelled abroad to escape the civil war of 1975-1990, many have returned in recent years. Many of them have also expanded and moved to many countries including Australia, United States of America, Canada, France, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina.

Cheikh Mohammad is 5 minutes walk away from Halba, the capital city of Akkar, providing quick access to all household needs.


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Coordinates: 34°33′N 36°05′E / 34.550°N 36.083°E / 34.550; 36.083