Chekhov Monument in Taganrog

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Chekhov Monument in Taganrog
Памятник А.П.Чехову
Chekhov 2008.jpg
Designer G.A. Zakharov
Height 3 m (9.84 f.)
Completion date 1959
Opening date January 29, 1960
Dedicated to Anton Chekhov

The Monument to Anton Chekhov, designed by G.A. Zakharov, sculpted by Iulian Rukavishnikov. Located in the Chekhov Square in Taganrog. It was unveiled on January 29, 1960, to coincide with the writer's centennial birth anniversary.

History of the Monument[edit]

The idea to erect a monument to Chekhov first came from the authorities in 1910. In 1944 the Council of People's Commissars decreed to erect a monument to Chekhov to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the writer's death.

By October 1954, 18 projects of the statue were submitted, and all of them were exposed to the public in the Local Lore Museum of Taganrog. Three years later the Second Nationwide Contest was held in Moscow, where 30 projects of the statue were submitted. After the second round the best works were sent to Taganrog where the statue by Iulian Rukavishnikov earned universal approval.

The monument comprises a granite pedestal and a bronze statue showing Chekhov impeccably dressed, sitting on the stone, looking into the distance and holding a book in his right hand, his forefinger between pages as though the writer is reflecting on something deep. The height of the monument is 3 m (9.84 f.).

The Chekhov Square was planted in the Red Square (in front of Alexandrovskiye Trade Rows) in Taganrog in 1934 to mark the writers 75th anniversary in 1935.

The Monument to Chekhov acts as a tribute paid by the people of Taganrog to their most renowned fellow townsman.

On January 29, 2010 Russian President Dmitri Medvedev laid flowers to the monument within the framework of commemorative events of the 150th birth anniversary of Anton Chekhov in Taganrog.[1]



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  1. ^ The President of Russian Federation Dmitri Medvedev participated in celebrating the 150th anniversary of the great Russian writer Anton Chekhov in the writer's home city of Taganrog.

Coordinates: 47°12′37″N 38°55′20″E / 47.21028°N 38.92222°E / 47.21028; 38.92222