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Categories News magazine
Frequency Weekly
Year founded 2002; 13 years ago (2002)
Country Iran
Based in Tehran
Language Persian

Chelcheragh (Chandelier in English) is a weekly social and news magazine printed in Tehran, Iran.

History and profile[edit]

Chelcheragh was established in 2002.[1] The magazine is published on a weekly basis on Saturdays[2] and targets younger readers and provides cultural and societal news.[1][3] The headquarters of the weekly is in Tehran.[4] It has a reformist stance and reformist figures such as Mohammad Khatami.[1] Fereidoon Amouzadeh Khalili is the managing editor and actress Bahareh Rahnama is among the contributors of the magazine.[5] In November 2010 the weekly was temporarily folded.[3] It was restarted in January 2011.[2]

The weekly organizes cultural events and one in January 2014 was cancelled by the Iranian authorities.[5] It also publishes interviews with politicians such as Hassan Rouhani which was published following his election as president in June 2013.[6] The weekly were locked up several times due to some of their columns such as Assansorchi.[7]

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