Chelford rail accident

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Chelford rail accident
Date 22 December 1894
Time 16:44
Location Chelford, Cheshire
Country England
Rail line London and North Western Railway
Cause The wind blew wagon onto the tracks
Trains 2
Deaths 14
Injuries 48
List of UK rail accidents by year

The Chelford rail accident occurred on 22 December 1894 at Chelford railway station.[1] The stationmaster was supervising shunting operations, during which a high-sided wagon was fly-shunted (i.e. run-off) into a siding in strong winds and rapidly fading light. As another six wagons were being run onto an adjoining road, the stationmaster saw the high-sided wagon being blown out of its siding by the wind to meet them. A collision occurred derailing the runaway in such a way that it fouled the main line just as the 16:15 Manchester to Crewe express approached, drawn by two locomotives, LNWR Waterloo Class 2-4-0 No 418 Zygia and Experiment Class No 518 Express.[2] The stationmaster ran towards them waving a red lamp but the drivers thought he was signalling to the shunters and did not slacken speed. Zygia derailed and fell on her side whilst her tender ran up the platform ramp. Express remained upright but the first carriage demolished the front of a signalbox. In all, 14 passengers were killed and 48 injured.

The enquiry had little comment to make as this seemed to be a freak accident but advised that, in future, the brakes of all shunted wagons should be immediately pinned down.

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