Chelif River

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Chelif (وادي الشلف)
Oued Chelif[1]
Wad Sheliff[2]
Cheliff Bridge nearby Ech Cheliff
Country Algeria
Cities Mostaganem, Chlef, Aïn Defla, Médéa
Source Saharan Atlas
Mouth Mediterranean Sea
 - coordinates 36°02′22″N 0°07′59″E / 36.03944°N 0.13306°E / 36.03944; 0.13306Coordinates: 36°02′22″N 0°07′59″E / 36.03944°N 0.13306°E / 36.03944; 0.13306
Length 725 km (450 mi)

Chelif River (Arabic: وادي الشلف) (also spelled Chéliff, or Sheliff[3]) is a 700-kilometre (430 mi) long river in Algeria and also the longest one in the country. It rises from the Saharan Atlas near the city of Aflou, flows through the Tell Atlas and empties into the Mediterranean Sea north of the city of Mostaganem. Water level in the river often fluctuates. The river is being used for irrigation (mainly on its lower course).

The river has formerly been called the Mekerra and the Sig River