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ChKS Chełmianka Chełm
Chelmianka chelm.png
Full name Chełmski Klub Sportowy Chełmianka Chełm
Nickname(s) Chełmian Hussars (Chełmska Husaria)
Founded 1955
Ground Municipal Stadium, Chełm, Poland
Capacity 6000 (2500 seated)
Chairman Grzegorz Gardziński
Manager Artur Bożyk
League Polish Third Division
2016/17 1st (promoted)

Chełmianka Chełm is a Polish football club from Chełm, Lublin Voivodeship.


The club was founded in 1955 through the merger of several smaller football clubs operating in Chełm . Until 1992, the club was officially carried the prefix Robotniczy Klub Sportowy, the Workers Sports Club, a prefix with which the fans still identify with. Since 1959, the club benefited from the PKWM Stadium (currently called the Municipal Stadium). In the summer of 1961 the merging of local clubs into one side continued and Chełmianka merged with local amateur club Kolejarz Chełm.[1]

In 1974, the club was officially taken in by the newly formed Chełm Footwear Market (Chełmskie Zakłady Obuwia in Polish, ChZO for short). Despite the increase in funding of the Chełmianka players, they never managed to play higher than the third division, suffering two relatively insignificant further mergers with lower league sides LZS Gryf Chełm and RKS Rejowiec.

In 1992, the club was on the edge of bankruptcy but the ChZO continued to fund the club. The team was withdrawn from the tournament and was merged with the Polish Border Guard club Gwardia Chełm, with the new club called Granica meaning "Border", which started competing in the fourth division. Games were moved to Gwardia's old stadium, the Lublin Street Stadium. Lublin Street Stadium however fell into disrepair. Soon, the club MKS Granica was handed over the city of Chełm by their owners, the Polish Border Guards in 1999. In the spring of 1998, football competitions returned to the city stadium. After the 1998/1999 season, the club was relegated from the fourth division.

In light of the financial difficulties it was decided to create the "Chełm Sports Club" (Chełmski Klub Sportowy) to replace MKS Granica. Under this new name the club performed in the fifth tier until 2001. Upon promotion to the fourth league, the club returned to its historical name "Chełmianka" [2]

Naming Timeline[edit]

  • 1955-1956: Międzyzakładowy Klub Sportowy „Start” Chełm
  • 1957-1959: Miejski Klub Sportowy „Chełmianka” Chełm
  • 1960-1961: Spółdzielczy Klub Sportowy „Chełmianka” Chełm
  • 1961-1969: (summer 1961 r. – merger with amateur club „Kolejarz” Chełm) Kolejowy Klub Sportowy „Chełmianka” Chełm
  • 1969-1974: Klub Sportowy Federacji Budowlanych „Chełmianka” Chełm
  • 1974-1975: (2 January 1974 r. – merger with LZS „Gryf” Chełm) Robotniczo-Ludowy Klub Sportowy „Zjednoczeni” Chełm
  • 1976-1992: (6 January 1976 r. – merger with RKS Rejowiec) Robotniczy Klub Sportowy „Chełmianka” Chełm
  • 1992-1999: (13 July 1992 r. – merger with KS „Gwardia” Chełm) Miejski Klub Sportowy „Granica” Chełm
  • 1999-2000: (15 July 1999 r. creation of Chełm Klub Sportowy) „CHKS” Chełm
  • 2001-current: Chełmski Klub Sportowy „Chełmianka” Chełm


The start of organised support in Chełm reaches as early as the mid 70's, when locals started supporting the local team as the club started to rise up the leagues. The club has currently two groups, Young Fighters Clan’06 and Spiryt Brigade and the ultras stand usually consists of 80-150 fans with that number rising to around 250 for more important matches.[3]

The fans have good friendships with fans of Motor Lublin and Górnik Łęczna, with the friendship with Motor dating as far back as 1981. They have rivalries with the following local rivals: Avia Świdnik, Unia Hrubieszów, Hetman Zamość, Wisła Puławy, Łada Biłgoraj and Orlęta Łuków.[4]


7th place in the Third Division - 1976/77, 1982/83


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