Chelmos Observatory

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Chelmos Observatory
Organization National Observatory of Athens Edit this on Wikidata
Location Aroania, Greece Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 37°59′09″N 22°11′54″E / 37.9857°N 22.1983°E / 37.9857; 22.1983Coordinates: 37°59′09″N 22°11′54″E / 37.9857°N 22.1983°E / 37.9857; 22.1983
Website Edit this at Wikidata
Telescopes Aristarchos 2.3 m Telescope Edit this on Wikidata

The Helmos or Chelmos Observatory (Greek: Αστεροσκοπείο Χελμού) is an observatory located at the top of mount Chelmos, near Kalavryta, southern Greece. It is the largest research infrastructure of the National Observatory of Athens. The observatory was completed and first opened in 2001. Its main equipment is the Aristarchos 2.3 m Telescope, manufactured by German company Carl Zeiss AG. With the finance from the universities of Patras and Manchester.[citation needed]