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Chelsea Common was the ground of Chelsea Cricket Club in the 18th century, an area that virtually disappeared under building work in the 19th century.[1] Records have survived of five important matches between 1731 and 1789 which either involved the Chelsea club or were played on the common. The first, played on the common for the high stake of 50 guineas, was Chelsea v Fulham on Tuesday, 13 July 1731. Fulham won.[2] There was a return at Parsons Green on Tuesday, 10 August 1731, which Fulham won by 3 runs.[2] On Tuesday, 26 June 1733, Fulham again hosted Chelsea at Parsons Green, this time for 30 guineas, but the result of this match is unknown.[3] On Monday, 16 August 1736, there was an inter-county match on the common between Middlesex and Surrey. The stake was 50 guineas and Middlesex won by 9 runs.[4] The last match found in the records was on Thursday, 10 and Friday, 11 September 1789 when Chelsea played Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in Marlborough Gardens, Chelsea. This match, which was of dubious status, was probably drawn after a postponement.[5]


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