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ChemNutra is an American importer of ingredients for food, animal feed and pharmaceuticals based in Summerlin, Nevada[1] Self-described as "The China-Source Experts" they import their products from China and provide them to North American manufacturers. The Chief Executive Officer is Stephen S. Miller and the president is Sally Qing Miller. [2]

Companies supplied by ChemNutra include Menu Foods and at least two other pet food manufacturers, as well as the pet food ingredient supplier The Scoular Co..[3][4]


On March 16, 2007 pet food manufacturer Menu Foods announced a recall of dog food sold under 53 brands, and cat food sold under 42 brands, after an unknown number of animals suffered kidney failure after eating it. On April 3 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) distributed a recall notice issued by ChemNutra for potentially-contaminated wheat gluten that had been imported from what the FDA alleges is one of its three Chinese suppliers, the Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development.[4] Mao Lijun, the general manager of Xuzhou Anying Biologic, denies directly supplying ChemNutra with the wheat gluten, claiming that "We have never exported to the U.S." since they are a trading company.[3][5]

On February 6, 2008, a federal grand jury in Kansas City, Missouri returned a 27 count criminal indictment against the owners of ChemNutra and in the case headed by the FDA Office of Criminal Investigations that was investigating XAC and SSC.[6]

As of April 6, at least 471 cases of poisoning have been reported and 104 animals have died. The FDA reports that they have received over 12,000 complaints related to the poisoning.[3]

On April 5, the company recalled all 782 tones of wheat gluten it had imported from Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development.[7]

The FDA served a search warrant on the company on April 27.[1]

By May 18, the company had hired two companies to help it deal with the public relations fall out from the contamination.[8]

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