Chemehuevi Mountains

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Chemehuevi Mountains
My Public Lands Roadtrip- Wilderness Wednesday in BLM California - Chemehuevi Mountains Wilderness (18708658170).jpg
Much of the Chemehuevi's
showing Chemehuevi Peak and parts of the Chemehuevi Valley
(view approx. north-northwest)
Highest point
PeakChemehuevi Peak
Elevation3,694 ft (1,126 m)
Chemehuevi Mountains is located in California
Chemehuevi Mountains
Chemehuevi Mountains in California [1]
CountryUnited States
RegionsMojave Desert and Lower Colorado River Valley
CountySan Bernardino
SettlementsTopock, Arizona, Needles, California and Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Range coordinates34°37′30.031″N 114°31′32.863″W / 34.62500861°N 114.52579528°W / 34.62500861; -114.52579528Coordinates: 34°37′30.031″N 114°31′32.863″W / 34.62500861°N 114.52579528°W / 34.62500861; -114.52579528
Borders on
Topo mapUSGS Chemehuevi Peak

The Chemehuevi Mountains are found at the southeast border of San Bernardino County in southeastern California adjacent the Colorado River. Located south of Needles, California and northwest of the Whipple Mountains, the mountains lie in a north-south direction in general, and are approximately 15 miles in length.


The mountains are located between U.S. Route 95 and the Topock Gorge of the River, just south of Interstate 40. Whale Mountain, at 2,774 feet (846 m), is found at the northern end of the range about five miles east of Lobecks Pass. The Chemehuevi range reaches 3,694 feet (1,126 m) at its highpoint, Chemehuevi Peak, located at the range's extreme southwest, bordering Chemehuevi Valley and Wash, where the valley turns due-east to meet the Colorado River.

Chemehuevi Mountains Wilderness[edit]

View of canyon and peaks, in the range's southwest. (looking ~north) The large "shrub" is Nolina parryi, endemic to the Lower Colorado River Valley region, in higher, & mostly mountainous elevations. This wash region has produced that large specimen.

The Chemehuevi Mountains Wilderness Area encompasses the rugged, granitic Chemehuevi Mountains. The mountain range is horseshoe-shaped, with the open end facing eastward toward the Colorado River. Contained within the arms of the horseshoe is a large central valley with low rolling hills covered by dense stands of cholla and other cacti, ocotillo, and an occasional agave.

Viewed from the west, the striking light, almost white, granite peaks contrast sharply with the rich green creosote and cactus-covered bajadas. A few miles from the Colorado River, the mountains change dramatically from light-colored granite to dark red and gray volcanic spires and mesas.[2]

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