Cheminée du Front de Seine

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The chimney
Top of chimney visible on the left

The Cheminée du Front-de-Seine is a chimney located in the 15th arrondissement, in the Front de Seine district of Paris. It is 130 metres high and the tallest structure in the district by 30 metres.

The chimney was designed by François Stahly and was built between 1970 and 1971. Its form is purified and it is completely white, except for purely aesthetic vents located in top of the structure.

Its use is to ventilate the smoke of the burners which are used to produce steam, which is distributed in underground pipes to the buildings of the district (for the uses of central heating and domestic hot water). The company of exploitation is the Parisian Company of district heating (CPCU).

The boiler room uses fuel TTBTS, a French acronym for (very very low sulphur content). Its output is 590 tons of steam per hour. In normal time, four boilers are exploited on the six available ones. The two additional ones are used only in very cold weather or in the event of unavailability of other sites of production of the CPCU (the site of production is completely connected to the distribution network of the CPCU on Paris and the Paris area).


Coordinates: 48°51′2″N 2°17′10″E / 48.85056°N 2.28611°E / 48.85056; 2.28611