Chemin de Fer Moudania Brousse

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Chemin de Fer Moudania Brousse
Bursa-Mudanya Rail Map.GIF
CFMB in Yellow, other railways in grey
Locale Mudanya to Bursa
Dates of operation 1871–1948
Successor Bursaray
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Length 41 km (25 mi)
Headquarters Bursa

The Chemin de Fer Moudania Brousse, (English:Mudanya Bursa Railway), (Turkish:Mudanya Bursa Demiryolu), or CFMB was a 41-kilometre (25 mi) long railway line from the port of Mudanya to Bursa.


On August 14, 1871,[1] the Ottoman Government started to build a line from the port city of Mudanya to the inland city of Bursa. During construction, the line was sold to two French investors in 1874.[2] The railway reached Bursa and was finished in 1875. The railway was to be continued to Bozüyük where it would connect with the CFOA line, but the tracks were never laid. On January 2, 1891 Georges Nagelmackers paid £27,000 for the rail line.[3] In 1892 the line was rebuilt from the 1100mm narrow gauge to standard gauge. In 1932 the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) bought the line. The railway was not very profitable, so in 1948, TCDD abandoned the line.[4]


The Bursaray light rail system operates one of its lines on former CFMB trackage.

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