Chemins de Terre

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Chemins de Terre
Studio album by Alan Stivell
Released 1973
Genre Celtic rock, Celtic folk, folk rock
Label Fontana
Producer Franck Giboni
Alan Stivell chronology
À l'Olympia
Chemins de Terre
E Langonned

Chemins de Terre is a folk rock album by Alan Stivell, originally released in 1973. It was produced by Franck Giboni. It was retitled From Celtic Roots... in England and Celtic Rock in Germany.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks Traditional, arranged by Alan Stivell; except where indicated

  1. "Susy MacGuire" 3:35
  2. "Ian Morrison Reel" 4:09 (Peter McLeod, arranged by Alan Stivell)
  3. "She Moved Through The Fair" 4:13
  4. "Can Y Melinydd" 1:59
  5. "Oidhche Mhaith" 1:53
  6. "An Dro Nevez" 3:45
  7. "Maro e Ma Mestrez" 3:08
  8. "Brezhoneg' Raok" 3:08 (Alan Stivell)
  9. "An Hini a Garan" 4:11
  10. "Metig" 4:07
  11. "Kimiad" 3:34


  • Alan Stivell - Celtic harp, vocals, Scottish bagpipes, whistle, mellotron, timbales, harmonium
  • Gabriel Yacoub - acoustic guitar, banjo, dulcimer, psaltery, vocal
  • René Werneer - fiddle, vocals
  • Pascal Stive - organ, piano
  • Jean-Luc Hallereau - bass, vocal
  • Dan Ar Bras - electric and acoustic guitars, vocal
  • Michel Santangelli - drums
  • Marie Yacoub - spoons, vocals
  • Elyane Werneer, Mireille Werneer - vocals
  • Michel Delaporte - tablas


  • (Breton pipe band) Bagad Bleimor - bagpipes, bombardes, Scottish drums



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