Cross-Strait high-level talks

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Cross-Strait high-level talks
Voa chinese Chiang Pin-kung Kao-Koong-lian.jpg
7th Chen–Chiang Summit in Tianjin between ARATS and SEF in October 2011
Traditional Chinese 兩岸兩會高層會談
Simplified Chinese 两岸两会高层会谈
Chen–Chiang talks
Traditional Chinese 陳江會談
Simplified Chinese 陈江会谈
Chiang–Chen talks
Traditional Chinese 江陳會談
Simplified Chinese 江陈会谈

The Cross-Strait high-level talks[1] are a series of meetings between

The two semi-governmental organizations represent their respective governments to deal with the Cross-Strait relations. The first eight talks were called Chen–Chiang talks ()[2] or Chiang–Chen talks,[3] named after the surnames of leaders: Chen Yunlin of ARATS and Chiang Pin-kung of SEF.


No. Name President of ARATS Chairman of SEF Time Place
1 First Chen–Chiang summit Chen Yunlin Chiang Pin-kung June 2008 China Beijing
2 Second Chen–Chiang summit November 2008 Taiwan Taipei
3 Third Chen–Chiang summit April 2009 China Nanjing
4 Fourth Chen–Chiang summit December 2009 Taiwan Taichung
5 Fifth Chen–Chiang summit June 2010 China Chongqing
6 Sixth Chen–Chiang summit December 2010 Taiwan Taipei
7 Seventh Chen–Chiang summit October 2011 China Tianjin
8 Eighth Chen–Chiang summit August 2012 Taiwan Taipei
9 Ninth Cross-Strait high-level talks Chen Deming Lin Join-sane June 2013 China Shanghai
10 Tenth Cross-Strait high-level talks February 2014 Taiwan Taipei
11 Eleventh Cross-Strait high-level talks August 2015 China Fuzhou

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