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Chen Cuifen (Chinese: 陳粹芬; 1873–1960)[1] was born in Hong Kong as a fourth child. She was regarded as the “Forgotten revolutionary female” and "The first revolution partner" of Sun Yat-sen. Before marrying Soong Ching-ling, Sun Yat-sen had a 20 year-relationship with Chen Cuifen. In the "Sun Genealogy", she was called "Sun Yat-sen's concubine."

They met in 1892, then fell in love. She made many contributions to the revolution. She lived with Sun in Japan. She acted as Sun's wife to the outside world, and helped the secret activities of the revolution.

She lived in Penang from 1910 until 1912.[2]

After the establishment of the Republic, she settled in Malaya alone.[3]

In the movie Road To Dawn (2007), which features the story of Sun Yat-sen in Penang, the character of Chen Cuifen is played by Chinese actress Wu Yue.


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