Chen Jieru

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Not to be confused with Soong Mei-ling.
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chen.
Chen Jieru
Chen Jieru.jpg
Born (1906-08-26)26 August 1906
Shanghai, Jiangsu, Qing Empire
Died 21 January 1971(1971-01-21) (aged 64)
Hong Kong
Spouse(s) Chiang Kai-shek (m.1921-1927)
Children Chiang Yao-kuang

Chen Jieru (Chinese: 陳潔如; Wade-Giles: Ch'en Chieh-ju; Pinyin: Chén Jiérú; August 26, 1906 – January 21, 1971) was the second wife of Chiang Kai-shek. She was nicknamed Jennie.[1]

Chen's ancestral hometown was Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, and she was born in Shanghai. She wrote a memoir which Chiang successfully suppressed during his lifetime.[2][3]

It was finally published in 1993.[4] In the memoir, Chen details how she and Chiang Kai-shek met at the home of a mutual friend in 1918 and how he pursued her, finally convincing her to marry him in late 1921 by stating that his arranged marriage with Mao Fumei was unhappy and celibate, and his liaison with Yao Yecheng was a social courtesy following her disfigurement.[4]


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