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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chen.

Chen Jue(Chinese: 陈觉; pinyin: Chén Jué), once named Chen Bingxiang (Chinese: 陈炳祥; pinyin: Chén Bǐng Xiáng),(1903-October 14, 1928) was a martyr who sacrificed his life in the early years of the revolution led by Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He and his wife,Zhao Yunxiao(Chinese: 赵云霄; pinyin: Zhào Yún Xiāo), are famous as a martyr couple who devoted their lives to the event of CCP.

Personal Experience[edit]

Chen Jue was born in Liling (a county located in the east of Hunan province) in 1903. He began to study in a private school when he was 7. In 1922, he entered the prefectural high school of LiLing. Two years later, in 1924, he joined the Communist Youth League of China and was elected as the chairman of the student association of prefectural high school of LiLing. In 1925, he joined the Chinese Communist Party. Then in September, he went to study in Moscow Sun Yat-sen University(Chinese: 莫斯科中山大学).

His Family[edit]

His wife, Zhao Yunxiao(Chinese: 赵云霄; pinyin: Zhào Yún Xiāo), is also a famous martyr. They met each other when they were studying in Moscow, where they got married. During the simple wedding, they sworn to devote their lives to the revolution of China. They returned Hunan from Moscow in September, 1927. After Chen was killed, his wife gave birth to their daughter in February, 1929. Zhao was soon killed in March 24, 1929. Then their baby daughter was fostered by Chen's parent. But unfortunately, their daughter died at an age of 4 because of her weakness. His whole family was devoted to the revolution of China.

Political and patriotic activities[edit]

When he and his wife returned from Moscow, Soviet Union, China were under the white terror of Kuomintang. During that period, Kuomintang committed a lot of assassination wantonly. In such a dangerous situation, they were sent to work in Hunan after returning from Moscow. And in November, 1927, he was sent to work in Liling together with his wife. Under the leadership of CCP, he took part in the guerrilla action of Liling and foundation of soviet government of Liling. In April 1928, he and his wife were sent to Changsha to work in Hunan provincial commission of CCP(Chinese: 中共湖南省委).And in the summer of this year, he went to Changde (a city located in the north of Hunan Province) to work as a secret agent of CCP.

His death[edit]

During he was working at the Secret Agent Committee of Changde(Chinese: 常德特委) in 1928, he was betrayed by a colleague. Then he was arrested by Kuomintang.When he was put to trial, he cursed the military commander Chen Jiayou(Chinese: 陈嘉佑).The commander was ashamed into anger, but he didn't have the authority to kill him. So then he was delivered to Changsha to have a further trial. Although he was brutally tortured, he had never leaked any secret of CCP. At last, he was killed by Kuomintang.

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