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Andrea Chen
Background information
Chinese name 陳匡怡 (traditional)
Chinese name 陈匡怡 (simplified)
Pinyin Chén Kuāngyí (Mandarin)
Origin Taiwan Republic of China, (Taiwan)
Born (1987-11-20) 20 November 1987 (age 29)
Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan
Other name(s) Jessie Chen
Chen Kuangyi
Occupation model, actress
Label(s) HIM International Music
Years active 2008 - present
Website Andrea Chen profile on HIM

Andrea Chen, also known as Chen Kuangyi, (Chinese: 陳匡怡; pinyin: Chén Kuāngyí) was born on 20 November 1987, in Taiwan. Chen is a Taiwanese model and actress. She graduated from National Taiwan University.

Chen has been dubbed "Little Vivian Chow" and "Little Lin Chi-ling" by the Taiwanese media due to her resemblance to Hong Kong singer/actess Vivian Chow and Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling.[1]

Chen started her career as a commercial model and appearing in music videos before starting an acting career. She made her acting debut in 2011 starring as the second lead actress in the award-winning and popular idol drama In Time with You playing the role of "Maggie", girlfriend of lead actor Bolin Chen's character "Li Da Ren (李大仁)".

Television series[edit]

Year Network Chinese title English Role Character
2011 FTV/GTV 我可能不會愛你 In Time with You 2nd female lead Maggie Lin 林美琪
2014 TTV/GTV 威廉王子 Prince William Female lead Yi Xin 易欣
Youku/Tudou 小时代之折纸时代 Tiny Times 3rd Female lead Nan Xiang 南湘
2015 CTV/CTI 鋼鐵之心 Heart Of Steel 2nd female lead Chen Yi Jun 沈怡君[2]
Tudou 我的鬼基友 My Ghost Friend Female lead Han Si Yi 韓思宜


Music video appearances[edit]

Year Song title Details
2008 "Promised Happiness"
2009 "Weightless"
  • Singer(s): Wil Pan 潘瑋柏
  • Album: 007 (零零七)
2010 "Aishiteru"
  • Singer(s): Chase Chang 張傑
  • Album: The Next Chapter (下一個章節)
  • Singer(s): Chase Chang 張傑
  • Album: The Next Chapter (下一個章節)
"Bo Ya Cuts The Strings"
2011 "Departed Heaven"
"Love Do Not Disturb"
  • Singer(s): Nicholas Teo 張棟樑
  • Album: Let's Not Fall in Love Again (别再惊动爱情)
2012 "A Failed Attempt"
2013 "Thousandth"
  • Singer(s): Alien Huang 黃鴻升
  • Album: Make Sense (超有感)



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