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Joe Chen
陈乔恩 20130426 录制节目《非常静距离》 cropped.jpg
Chinese name 陳喬恩
Chinese name 陳喬恩 (traditional)
Chinese name 陈乔恩 (simplified)
Pinyin Chen Qiao En (Mandarin)
Jyutping Can Kiu Jan (Cantonese)
Origin Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Born (1979-04-04) April 4, 1979 (age 36)
Hsinchu City, Taiwan,
Other name(s) 小红恩、阿伯、教主、球恩
Occupation Actress, Singer, Writer, Host
Years active September 23, 2001–Present
Official website Joe Chen's Sina weibo
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chen.

Joe Chen Chiau-En (traditional Chinese: 陳喬恩; simplified Chinese: 陈乔恩; pinyin: Chén Qiáo'ēn, Chen Chiao-en also known as 教主 jiào zhǔ, born 4 April 1979) is a Taiwanese actress, singer, writer and model.

In 2008, Chen was nominated for Best Leading Actress in a Television Series for her role in Fated to Love You at the 43rd Golden Bell Awards.[1]

In 2013, her popularity rose in China, where she gained a large number of fans when she appeared in the television series "Swordsman" playing anti-heroine Dongfang Bubai. That year, Chen entered the Forbes China Celebrity 100 List for the first time.[2] As of 2015, she is listed by Forbes as the 66th most influential celebrity in mainland China.[3]


Brief description[edit]

  • In 2001, she began her career. She was a model and an assistant ago. She had actively participated in Idol Dramas,and first began with SET Dramas "Lavender" 《薰衣草》 and "My MVP Valentine" 《MVP 情人》
  • In 2002, she became the first hostess of Sanlih E-Television (SET) TV show 《中國那麼大》.
  • In late 2002, she became the hostess of Taiwan Television (TTV) TV show 《綜藝旗艦》, with Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) and NONO.
  • In 2003, her contract with Jungiery Star was "frozen" for half a year.
  • In 2004, she became the co-leader of the new Taiwan singing group 7 Flowers and she became the main actress in CTS and SET drama "100% Senorita" 《千金百分百》
  • In 2005, she participated in SET and TTV drama "The Prince Who Turns into a Frog" 《王子變青蛙》. This drama broke many records for Taiwanese drama serials. She and her co-star Ming Dao are dubbed as the 'dream combination, perfect lovers'. This drama is sold all around the world including Asia, America, and Africa.
  • In late 2005, she became hostess of the TV show "Treasure Hunter" 《冒險奇兵》 with Zeng GuoCheng (曾國城) and appeared in a cameo role in the Philippine drama "Sugo" as Richard Gutierrez's love interest.
  • In 2006, she continued to co-host, and co-hosted another new variety show called "Manly Chef" 《型男大主厨》 with Zeng Guocheng as well.
  • In 2008, she took on the drama Fated To Love You命中註定我愛你》 which broke the records previously set by "The Prince Who Turns into a Frog" 《王子變青蛙》 to achieve a segment rating of 13.64., working together with Ethan Juan (阮經天) and newcomer Baron Chen (陳楚河). She also published her very first book "乔见没 Joe See Or Not See".



Year Title Role Notes
2011 The Allure of Tears
Zhang Cai (張彩)
2012 Happiness Me Too
Song Qi (宋淇)
2012 Doomsday Calling
A Bao (阿寶)
2014 The Monkey King
Princess Iron Fan (鐵扇公主)
2014 The Suspicious
Angel (安琪兒)
2014 Breaking the Waves
Ruan Xiao Yue (阮小月)
2014 The Continent
Zhou Mo (周沫)
2015 The Queens
2015 I'll Never Lose You
Zhou Hui(周慧)
2015 Our Times
Adult Lin Truly (大林真心)

Television dramas[edit]

Year Title Role Network Notes With
2002 Lavender
Xiao Wei SETTV Supporting Role None
My MVP Valentine
MVP 情人
Fang Yi Xue/Barbie Main Cast Jason Hsu
2004 100% Senorita
Liang Xiao Feng/Zhuang Fei Yang Lead Role Wallace Huo & Deric Wan
In Love with a Rich Girl
Ai Bi/Albee TTV Jason Hsu
Woman Are Flowers
2005 The Prince Who Turns into a Frog
Ye Tian Yu TTV, SETTV Ming Dao
Sugo Mei Li GMA Network Supporting Cast Richard Gutierrez
2006 A Game About Love
剪刀 石頭 布
Ye Duo Li CTS Lead Role Sam Wang
2007 Ying Ye 3 Jia 1
Xia Tian TTV, SETTV Ming Dao
2008 Fated to Love You
Chen Xin Yi/Elaine TTV, SETTV Ethan Juan
Invincible Shan Bao Mei
Chen Xin Yi TTV, SETTV Cameo
2009 Easy Fortune Happy Life
Xie Fu An Lead Role Lan Cheng Long
Let's Dance
Ding Xiao Han Ming Dao
2010 The Girl in Blue
You Jia Qi Hunan TV Roy Qiu
Chun Guang Can Lan Zhu Jiu Mei
Zhu Jiu Mei Qiao Ren Liang
2011 Beauties of the Emperor
Lü Zhi Anhui TV Ming Dao
2012 The Queen of SOP
Lin Xiao Jie Hunan TV Hans Zhang
2013 Swordsman
Dongfang Bubai Hunan TV Main Cast
2015 Cruel Romance
Rong Jin Xiu Hunan TV Lead Role Huang Xiao Ming
2015 Destined to love you
Qian Bao Bao 钱宝宝 Hunan TV Main Cast

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Film and TV Awards:

43rd Golden Bell Awards (2008) Nominee - Best Leading Actress - Joe Chen - Fated to Love You

2009 QQ Entertainment Awards Winner - Favorite TV Actress (HK, TW) - Joe Chen

2008 QQ Entertainment Awards Winner - Best TV Actress (HK, TW) - Joe Chen

2007 QQ Entertainment Awards Winner - Favorite TV Actress (TW) - Joe Chen

2010 Hua Ding Awards Winner - Best Actress (City TV Series) - Joe Chen

Personal life[edit]

Chen is Taiwanese Hakka people from Hsinchu County. In her family, she has an elder brother and a younger brother.

In spare time, Chen likes reading, writing and cute cat. She has 2 pet cats.

Chen is the very close friends of Ady An(安以轩) and Shone An(安钧璨)。



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