Chen Shi (Han dynasty)

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Chen Shi (陳寔: 104-187) is an official of Han Dynasty of the Chinese history.

He is the father of Chen Ji and the grandfather of Chen Qun. As he was the mayor (長) of Taiqui County (太丘縣), he acquired a nickname Chen Taiqui (陳太丘). He was the primogenitor of surname Chen (陳) of Yingchuan (潁川) and the central figure of the Qingliu school (清流派) of Yingchuan (潁川) region.

Though he was raised at an impoverished family, he loved books and studies at early years. As he was the person of rightfulness, prejudiceless and generous, he was held in high repute among the common people. However, as he objected the eunuches's abusing their authorities, he was prevented from holding government positions by the Disasters of Partisan Prohibitions. As he was prevented from government services, he lived a hermit life at his hometown. Whenever a civil lawsuit occurred, local residents used to call him to preside the case. Whenever consulted, Chen Shi provided them results that are consistent with reason, no one complained to him, such that it was said that "if you met the case that makes you feel that Chen Shi's decision was wrong, then it would be better to accept results in any way.".

After the Prohibitions were relieved, He Jin sent a messenger and called Chen Shi to his ministration, but Chen Shi did not accept He Jin's offer and died soon after.

When he died in 187, 30,000 crowd assembled at his funeral, and the number of those who wore mourning dress exceeded 100.