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Chan Sing
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin Chén Xīng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Can4 Sing1 (Cantonese)
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1936-12-29) 29 December 1936 (age 80)
Bangkok, Thailand
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chan.

Chan Sing (born 29 December 1936)[1] is a retired Hong Kong actor born in Bangkok.


Chan Sing was born in 1936 in Bangkok, Thailand. At age four he moved back to Hainan, China with his parents. He had his education in Wenchang (Chee Wei Village), End of River village. He spent his high school years at Haikou First Middle School. Later, he became a teacher at 16 and teach at the Eleven primary school in Haiko, until he went to university (Wah Nam Agriculture University), Guangdong), after 1st year at university pursed by communist guards he escaped to Hong Kong in 1958, and began working in the movie industry in the late 60's.

His first appearance was with the Shaw Brothers Studio in Dead End in 1969. In 1972 he left Shaw Brothers. He got his first break in the movie The Bloody Fists in 1972. This hit movie led to more promising roles, usually as the villain, in both studio and independent films.

He was one of the pioneers of kung fu movies. Like the actors Pai Ying and Chan Hung Lit, Chen was considered "typecast-right" from the beginning of his acting career for villain roles. His exotic Southeast Asian features, his mustache, and his strength marked him as different from the smooth-faced, Eurasian-looking actors favored by the big Hong Kong studios. He was cast against type as an heroic undercover agent battling vicious crooks in Tough Guy (aka Kung Fu the Headcrusher) (1972) or Japanese subversives Yasuaki Kurata (Tiger vs. Dragon, 1972, or Rage of the Wind, 1973).

When Chen was not acting, he was a karate instructor for Gōjū-ryū & Goju Kai karate. He was also a Hong Kong prison policeman for the prison system and demonstrated for the Singapore police system with Tan.

By the early 1990s, with the end of Hong Kong's status as a British colony approaching, Chen opted to leave the Hong Kong film industry. In 1996, moved to Vancouver and Toronto, where he still lives in retirement.



As actor
Year Title Role Notes
1969 Dead End (死角)
Have Sword, Will Travel (保鏢)
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman (獨臂刀王)
The Invincible Fist (鐵手無情)
1970 The Singing Killer (小煞星)
Valley of the Fangs (餓狼谷)
The Wandering Swordsman (遊俠兒)
Heads for Sale (女俠賣人頭)
Vengeance (報仇)
The Heroic Ones (十三太保) Zhu Wen
The Chinese Boxer (龍虎鬥)
Hellgate (鬼門關)
1971 The Anonymous Heroes (無名英雄)
King Eagle (鷹王)
The Duel (大決鬥)
The New One-Armed Swordsman (新獨臂刀)
Duel of Fists (拳擊)
The Deadly Duo (雙俠)
1972 Trilogy of Swordsmanship (群英會) Segment 3: "White Water Strand" (白水灘)
The Brothers (大地雙英)
The Good and the Bad (餓虎狂龍)
Angry Guest (惡客)
Black List (黑名單)
Tough Guy (硬漢)
The Brutal Boxer (唐人客)
The Bloody Fist (蕩寇灘)
1973 Gold Snatchers (虎拳)
Black Panther (黑豹) also producer
The Two Cavaliers (雙龍出海)
A Gathering of Heroes (趕盡殺絕)
Rage of the Wind (猛虎下山)
1974 The Furious Monk from Shaolin (少林和尚)
Four Real Friends (四大天王)
1975 Thou Shall Not Kill... But Once (少林殺戒)
Tiger Force (大毒梟)
Dragon from Shaolin (奇拳怪腿)
1976 Jumping Ash (跳灰)
The Himalayan (密宗聖手)
New Fist of Fury (新精武門)
The Double Crossers (鬼計雙雄)
1977 The Shaolin Plot (四大門派)
Hero of the Wild (大武士與小票客)
18 Swirling Riders (旋風十八騎)
Clutch of Power (刀魂)
Shaolin Monk (少林祖師)
The Iron Fisted Monk (三德和尚與舂米六)
The Fatal Flying Guillotines (陰陽血滴子)
1978 The Master and the Kid (俠骨柔情赤子心)
Shaky Knight Fight Against Mantis (蛇形刁手)
The Super Kung-Fu Fighter (天下無敵)
My Blade, My Life (決鬥者的生命)
Fearless Kung Fu Elements (金木水火土)
Kung Fu of Dammoh Styles (鐵首無情追魂令)
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (車馬砲)
Shaolin Iron Claws (鷹拳)
Naked Comes the Huntress (貂女)
Deadly Strike (神龍)
Two Great Cavaliers (雌雄雙煞)
Revenge of the Shaolin Kid (古銅蕭)
Right Overcomes Might (鳳指神腿天佛掌)
Dual Flying Kicks (天地雙腿)
Seven Men of Kung-Fu (七俠八義)
The 72 Desperate Rebels (七十二煞星)
Raging Tiger vs. Monkey King (猴駙馬)
Duel at Tiger Village (九紋龍)
Mantis Combat (螳螂醉虎無影腳)
The Tattoo Connection (鱷魚頭黑煞星)
The Legendary Strike (浪子一招)
Bruce Lee in New Guinea (蛇珠)
Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu (達魔鐵指功)
Amsterdam Connection (荷蘭賭人頭)
The Amsterdam Kill
Bruce Lee the Invincible (威震天南)
Fire and Ice Hand (火燄掌與寒冰手)
Red Thread Fate (紅絲緣)
1979 Golden Peacock Castle (鐵漢遊龍)
Ape Girl (醉猴女)
The 13 Styles Strike (飛禽走獸十三形)
The Magnificent (龍形刁手金鐘罩)
Big Boss of Shanghai (上海灘大亨)
In the Beginning (盤古開天地)
Iron Fisted Eagle's Claw (瘋拳癲腿)
The Battle of Ku-ning-tou (古寧頭大戰)
Treasure of Bruce Le (拳形五摩達)
Monkey Fist, Floating Snake (醉步迷猴)
Hero of the Time (一代英豪)
Revenge of the Shaolin Master (冷刀染紅英雄血)
Secret Message (秘帖)
The Silver Spear (碧血冼銀槍)
The Winner (勝利者)
The Perils of Chu Lao-san (祝老三笑譚)
Wandering Knight (江湖半醉俠)
Yongmun Swordsman (용문 호객)
1980 Born of Fire
Kung-Fu of Eight Drunkards (醉八仙拳)
The Legend of Eight Knights (靈犬八大俠)
The Jade Hairpin Alliance (玉釵盟)
Bruce Tuan's 7 Promises (七巧鳳凰碧玉刀)
A Brotherhood of Heroes (快樂英雄)
Beggars Have No Equal (丐俠七巧功)
The Beasts (山狗)
Buddhist Five Animals Boxing (達摩五形拳)
1981 The Desperate Prodigal (火拼浪子)
Kung Fu Executioner (手指拗出)
The Casino (大賭場)
Big Boss (頂爺)
Shanghai Massacre (上海灘大爺)
The Legend of the Owl (貓頭鷹)
The Kung Fu Emperor (功夫皇帝)
Security Unlimited (摩登保鑣)
The Reformed Gambler (戒賭)
Heroine of Tribulation (苦海女神龍)
The Mischievous Leopard (大俠頑皮豹)
15 Amazons (沙家十五女英豪)
1982 Play Con Game (十張王牌)
Miraculous Sword Art (水月十三刀)
Blood Brothers (換帖兄弟)
Little Flying Dragon (小飛龍)
Godfathers of Fury (小刀會)
Aces Go Places (最佳拍檔)
Plain Jane to the Rescue (八彩林亞珍)
Underground Wife (黑市夫人)
Seven Steps to Showdown (七步干戈)
Rescue from Hades (新目蓮救母)
Spoony Love (心愛的人)
I Want to Be a Good Person (我要做好子)
The Devil Fox (要命毒狐狸)
Red Rattlesnake (赤色響尾蛇)
1983 Evil Hits Evil (邪撞邪)
Who Knows About Me (誰人了解我)
1984 Shanghai 13 (上海灘十三太保)
Death Ring (擂台)
Majestic Thunderbolt (霹靂智多星)
1985 Crazy Seventeen (反斗妹)
Last Breath (血染風采)
Three Dark Spirits (흑삼귀)
1986 Black Leopard (兄弟有種)
1987 Supercops (神勇特警隊)
American Commando: Angel's Blood Mission
1989 Underground Warfare (地下風雲)
1990 Gamblers Heavenly Made (賭王三虎將)
Kickboxer the Champion (左手搏擊王)
1992 Visa to Hell (殺入地獄)
Caged Beauties (秋玫瑰)
As producer
  • 1973: Black Panther (黑豹) – also actor

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1986 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龍記) Xie Xun


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