Chen Xiuhuan

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Chen Xiuhuan
Chinese name 陳秀環 (traditional)
Chinese name 陈秀环 (simplified)
Pinyin Chén Xiùhuán (Mandarin)
Born 10 October 1965
Occupation Actress
Years active 1984-1997
Children 3 daughters
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chen.

Chen Xiuhuan (Chinese: 陈秀环; pinyin: Chén Xiùhuán, born 10 October 1965) is a former Singaporean actress.


Chen started her acting career at the age of 18 after attending the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation's drama training course. Her role in the fantasy drama Star Maiden, starring opposite Wang Yuqing, propelled her to stardom in 1988.[1][2]

She left the entertainment industry in 1997 due to family commitments. In 2005, she briefly returned to television in A Promise For Tomorrow. She has also appeared in several children's programmes.[3]


Incomplete list

Year Work Role Notes
2005 A Promise For Tomorrow 拥抱明天 Huang Hui Yin 黄惠音
Destiny 梦在手里 Si Qi's Mother 思琪母 Guest appearance
1995 Lady Investigators 女探三人组 Gao Mei Zhi 高美智
Secret Files 机密档案 Bai Xue Qi 白雪琪
Neighbourhood Heroes 大英雄小人物 He Xin Hui 何心慧
1994 Veil Of Darkness 历劫浮生 Telemovie
The Young Ones 壮志骄阳
Lethal Duo 天使追辑令 Yu Li 于莉
1993 Web of Deceit 鹤啸九天 Xiao Xiang 萧湘
The Witty Advisor 金牌师爷 Yuan Qian Qian 元倩倩
Heavenly Beings 再战封神榜 Li Xue Jun 李雪君
1992 A Time to Dance 火舞风云 Chen Li Chang 陈丽嫦
1991 Guardian Angel 爸爸怕怕
Black Phoenix 黑凤凰
1990 The Winning Team 飞跃巅峰 Fang Mei 方美
Journey's End 生命街车 Shang Man Hua 商曼华
Starting Over 暖流
1989 Turn of the Tide 浮沉 Jiang Hui Yun 蒋慧云
Magic of Dance 鼓舞青春
1988 Strange Encounters 2 奇缘2 之《钟馗再捉鬼》 Jia Yun Chang 贾云裳
The Golden Quest 金麒麟 Lu Hui Niang 卢慧娘
Mystery 迷离夜 之《美》 Lv Hong / Gao Mei Mei 吕虹/高美美
Airforce 空军 Chris
Star Maiden 飞越银河 Yi Di 依蒂
1987 Moving On 变迁 Zhuo Hui 卓慧
Neighbours 芝麻绿豆
1986 The Sword and the Song 绝代双雄 Queen Zhou the Elder
Under One Roof 家和万事兴 Hong Lai Yu 洪来玉
The Happy Trio 青春123
1985 Home is where Love is 吾爱吾家
Son of Pulau Tekong 亚答籽 He Wei Na 何薇娜
The Unyielding Butterflies 铁蝴蝶
Tycoon 豪门内外
1984 Growing Up 吾家有子
The Awakening 2 雾锁南洋II 之《赤道朝阳》 Huang Hui Zhong 黄慧中
Youth 年轻人 之《三人行》


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