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Chenankavu temple

The Chenankavu temple (ശ്രീ ചേനാങ്കാവ് ഭഗവതി ക്ഷേത്രം) is a famous Bhagavathi temple in Kerala, located in Korom village, Payyanur, in north Kerala. This temple is renowned for its two annual festivals, Vishu Maholsavam and Saptaham Vayana, both held concurrently in the first half of April each year.

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Navaratri aghosham is held every year. "Valiya guruthi" is the important vazhipadu of Chenankavu Temple.

Perunthanniyuur temple, dedicated to Sri Subramanya, is only one mile away to the south-west of this temple. Perunthaniiyuur, meaning a place with water abundance, is to the east of temple town of Payyanur. The famous Payyanur Sri Subramanya Swami temple idol was brought from Perunthanniyuur temple. It was established by a Tamil saint. According to Deava Prashna conducted by the temple authority, with the help of renowned astrologer of nearby Payyanur, Shri. Chithrabhanu K Poduval, there existed a worship spot for Naga. The Naga Prathishta was destroyed by time.

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