Chenderoh Power Station

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Coordinates: 4°57′40″N 100°58′42″E / 4.961°N 100.9782°E / 4.961; 100.9782

Chenderoh Power Station or Chenderoh Dam is the oldest hydroelectric dam and power station in Malaysia. The dam is located in Tasik Chenderoh, near Kuala Kangsar, Perak. It was constructed on the early 1920s by the British Federated Malay States administration.

Power station[edit]

The power station is a hydroelectric power station, using 4 turbines of 10.7 MW and one of 8.4 MW, totaling 40.5 MW installed capacity.[1] The station is operated by Tenaga Nasional.

Chenderoh Dam technical specifications[edit]

The permanent dam components are as follows:

Notable facts[edit]

  • Chenderoh Dam is the oldest hydroelectric dam in Malaya.

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