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Public (traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange)
Traded as TPE:2105
Founded 1 January 1967
Headquarters Yuanlin, Changhua County, Taiwan
Key people
Luo Jye (founder)
Number of employees
Worldwide 30,000 +
Subsidiaries Maxxis USA, Maxxis International, Maxxis India

Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co. (Chinese: 正新橡膠工業股份有限公司; pinyin: Zhèngxīn Xiàngjiāo Gōngyè Gǔfèn Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) is the ninth largest tire company in the world. Established in 1967, in Yuanlin City, Changhua County, Taiwan, by Luo Jye. Maxxis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheng Shin.[1]

Cheng Shin Rubber only produced bicycle tires. As the company grew and extended its reach beyond Asia, it expanded into new market segments, producing full lines of tires for passenger car, bus, truck, light truck, bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, race kart, trailer, industrial and lawn & garden. Examples are Luxgen and BYD.

In 2015 Cheng Shin had worldwide revenue of over $3.85 billion.[2] Operating under the name Maxxis in some countries, Cheng Shin has operations in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, India, Indonesia and UAE. The company employs more than 30,000 people, distributes in approximately 170 countries, and its worldwide revenue more than quadrupled in the past 10 years.[3]

In August 2018, the company rolled out its first consignment to Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) from its new manufacturing facility in India.[4]

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