Chengde Police Bureau Hawk Eye

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Hawk Eye
Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer Chengde Police Bureau
Primary user Chengde Police

Hawk Eye (Ying-Yan or Yingyan, 鹰眼) is a series of Chinese UAVs including two models, Hawk Eye I and Hawk Eye II. Developed by Chengde Police Bureau (承德市公安局), both models have deployed in local counter narcotics operations.[1]

Hawk Eye I[edit]

Hawk I is the first member of the Hawk Eye series with conventional layout, and propelled by a two-blade propeller driven by a pusher engine behind the wing.[2] The entire aircraft can be rapidly assembled in the field in 28 seconds for fast deployment. Specification:[3]

  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Wingspan: 2 m
  • Min speed: 32 km/h
  • Max speed: 190 km/h
  • Endurance: 1.5 h

Hawk Eye II[edit]

Hawk Eye II is the other member of the Hawk Eye series, and as with Hawk Eye I, it is also equipped with GPS, and can be remotely piloted for up to 30 km. The general dimension of Hawk Eye II is slightly larger than that of Hawk Eye I, but both still have conventional layout. However, Hawk Eye II is more conventional then Hawk Eye I in that it has a two-blade propeller driven by a tractor engine mounted in the nose.[4]

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