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Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute or 611 Design Institute (Chinese: 成都飞机设计研究所; pinyin: Chéngdū fēijī shèjì yánjiūsuǒ), or CADI, is a design institute and works with Chengdu Aerospace Corporation for military aircraft.

The CADI is responsible for the J-XX 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft, a stealth fighter project designated J-13,[1] a less radical design than the competing Shenyang J-12, yet seen by some as more likely to be selected by the People's Liberation Army Air Force before 2015. Possibly developed from the MiG 1.44 in cooperation with MiG, this project may be powered by two improved Saturn AL-41F engines with thrust-vectoring nozzles, with 147 kilonewtons (33,000 lbf) of thrust. But little is known about this J-13 project, as can be seen at SinoDefence's site and other sources, and still less from CADI.


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