Chengdu Goldenport Circuit

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Chengdu Goldenport Circuit
Chengdu Golden Port Circuit track map.svg
Location Chengdu, People's Republic of China
Time zone UTC+8
Major events ATCS, Formula V6 Asia, A1 Grand Prix
Length 3.367 km (2.091 mi)
Turns 13
Race lap record 1:15.212 (Robert Doornbos, A1 Team The Netherlands, 2008, A1GP)

Chengdu Goldenport Circuit (simplified Chinese: 成都国际赛车场; traditional Chinese: 成都國際賽車場) also known as Chengdu International Circuit in English. It is a permanent circuit in Shi Sheng Road, Jin Jiang, 610023 Chengdu, People's Republic of China. The circuit is 3.367 km (2.091 mi) long and held a round of Asian Touring Car Series (ATCS), Formula V6 Asia in 2007 and 2008.

On August 26 2008, the circuit was confirmed to be hosting a round of the 2008-09 A1 Grand Prix season.[1] It was the fourth different circuit in China to have hosted an A1 Grand Prix race. The track hosted the second round of the Grand Prix season on 9 November 2008, the Sprint race was won by Adam Carroll of Team Ireland and the Feature race was won by Filipe Albuquerque of Team Portugal. The fastest lap at the circuit was set by Robert Doornbos of Team The Netherlands, who managed a lap of 1:15.212.

The circuit[edit]

A1 Grand Prix's track commentator Bruce Jones compared the bumpy circuit [2] to Spain's Circuito Permanente del Jarama and Portugal's Autódromo do Estoril. He suggested the main straight is longer than the one at Circuit Park Zandvoort, before plunging under a bridge.[3] Another A1GP track commentator John Watson believed that the bumps are the consequence of the track's location in an earthquake zone.[4]

A1 Team Australia's driver John Martin said driving on the track was like "old Mario Kart on Nintendo" because the bumps on the circuit made his car jump. There were puddles on the circuit which never dried up during the weekend and they caused spins. He also said that the surface is not ideal because the water was rising to the surface, as the track was built on part of a swamp.[5]


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Coordinates: 30°35′5″N 104°6′57″E / 30.58472°N 104.11583°E / 30.58472; 104.11583