Chenghai (lake)

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Chenghai Lake
Lake ChengHai.JPG
Coordinates 26°32′52″N 100°39′38″E / 26.54778°N 100.66056°E / 26.54778; 100.66056Coordinates: 26°32′52″N 100°39′38″E / 26.54778°N 100.66056°E / 26.54778; 100.66056
Catchment area 228.9 km2 (88.4 sq mi)
Basin countries China
Max. length 19.35 km (12 mi)
Max. width 5.3 km (3 mi)
Surface area 77.22 km2 (0 sq mi)
Average depth 25.7 m (84 ft)
Max. depth 35.1 m (115 ft)
Water volume 1.987 billion cubic metres (70.2×10^9 cu ft)
Surface elevation 1,503 m (4,931 ft)
Settlements Chenghai Town

Chenghai Lake (Chinese: 程海; pinyin: Chéng Hăi) is a plateau lake in Yunnan Province,southwest of China. The lake has a total area of about 77.22 square kilometers. The average depth is 25.7 m, with an elevation of 1503 m. the water storage capacity is about 19.87×108m3.[1] Chenghai Lake is one of only three lakes in the world where Spirulina is found naturally.


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