Chenghai Lake

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Chenghai Lake
Lake ChengHai.JPG
Coordinates26°32′52″N 100°39′38″E / 26.54778°N 100.66056°E / 26.54778; 100.66056Coordinates: 26°32′52″N 100°39′38″E / 26.54778°N 100.66056°E / 26.54778; 100.66056
Catchment area228.9 km2 (88.4 sq mi)
Basin countriesChina
Max. length19.35 km (12 mi)
Max. width5.3 km (3 mi)
Surface area77.22 km2 (0 sq mi)
Average depth25.7 m (84 ft)
Max. depth35.1 m (115 ft)
Water volume1.987 billion cubic metres (70.2×10^9 cu ft)
Surface elevation1,503 m (4,931 ft)
SettlementsChenghai Town

Chenghai Lake (Chinese: 程海; pinyin: Chénghǐi) is a plateau lake in Yunnan Province,southwest of China. The lake has a total area of about 77.22 square kilometers. The average depth is 25.7 m, with an elevation of 1503 m. the water storage capacity is about 19.87×108m3.[1] Chenghai Lake is one of only three lakes in the world where Spirulina is found naturally.


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