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Percussion instrument
Other names Cennala
Classification Idiophone
Related instruments

The chengila, or cennala, is an Indian gong which helps the traditional singer or dancer keep time.[1]

Context and Playing Technique[edit]

The chengila is a percussion instrument that maintains a steady beat and provides musical background. The thick bell metal disc, which hangs by a strap looped around one wrist, is struck by a short wand held in the other hand. A ringing sound is produced when the chengila is struck when hanging freely; a flat tone is produced when it is struck while held against the forearm. [1]

Cultural Importance[edit]

In Kerala, a state in south-west India, the chengila is used in many different traditional art forms [2] including Chemmanakali, Kalthakali, and Krishnanattam.[3]


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