Chengxi District

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Skyline of Chengxi
Country China
Province Qinghai
Prefecture Xining
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Chengxi District (Chinese: 城西区; pinyin: Chéngxī Qū) is a district in Xining municipality, Qinghai, China.

It covers the western part of Xining's built-up conurbation. It has over 200 000 residents (2004). Ethnically, most are Han-nation; there are also Hui (回), Tibetan (藏, Zang), Tujia (土等), etc. - 26 in all.[1]


District executive, legislature and judiciary are in the Xiguan Avenue Street Committee (西关大街街道), together with the CPC and PSB branches. (Executive or People's Government is addressed : May Fourth Avenue, 810001).[2]


Aside of Xiguan Avenue, the district oversees another five Street Committees and one Town:

  • Guchengtai 古城台
  • Hutai 虎台
  • Shengli Rd 胜利路
  • Nanchuan West Rd 南川西路
  • Pengjiazhai Town 彭家寨镇

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Coordinates: 36°37′42″N 101°45′57″E / 36.62833°N 101.76583°E / 36.62833; 101.76583