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Cheolindo 1930b.jpg
Na Woon-gyu in Cheolindo (1930)
Revised Romanization Cheolindo
McCune–Reischauer Ch'ŏrindo
Directed by Na Woon-gyu
Produced by Park Jung-hyeon
Written by Na Woon-gyu
Starring Na Woon-gyu
Lim Woon-hak
Kim Yeon-sil
Park Jae-haeng
Cinematography Lee Myeong-woo
Edited by Na Woon-gyu
Distributed by Won Bang Kak Production
Release date
  • April 14, 1930 (1930-04-14)
Country Korea
Language Silent film
Korean intertitles
Budget 3,000 won

Cheolindo is a 1930 Korean film written, directed by and starring Na Woon-gyu. It premiered at Dansungsa Theater in downtown Seoul.

Plot summary[edit]

The plot concerns two rival villages separated by a hill, and the competition between men from both villages over the daughter of Reverend Suh.


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