Cheragi Pahar

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Cheragi Pahar
চেরাগী পাহাড়
Historical place
Cheragi Pahar Circle
Cheragi Pahar Circle
Nickname(s): Cheragi More, Cheragi Square
Cheragi Pahar is located in Bangladesh
Cheragi Pahar
Cheragi Pahar
Location of Cherai Pahar in Bangladesh
Cheragi Pahar is located in Asia
Cheragi Pahar
Cheragi Pahar
Cheragi Pahar (Asia)
Coordinates: 22°20′37″N 91°50′01″E / 22.34367°N 91.83368°E / 22.34367; 91.83368Coordinates: 22°20′37″N 91°50′01″E / 22.34367°N 91.83368°E / 22.34367; 91.83368
Country Bangladesh
District Chittagong
Place Cheragi Pahar
 • Type Mayor–council
 • Mayor A J M Nasir Uddin
 • City Mayor Chittagong City Corporation
Demonym(s) Chittagonian
Time zone BST (UTC+06:00)
BTCL 031

Cheragi Pahar (sometimes written Cheragee Pahar)[1] is a cultural and historical place located at Chittagong, Bangladesh.[2][3] Most of the cultural activities of Chittagong and related business were established in the place. Some parts of the region Momin Road are the part of Cheragee Pahar Circle.

Cultural activities[edit]

Cheragee Art Show 2, is a site specific art exhibition at Cherai Pahar in 2013

The poets, authors, little magazine activist, artists, musicians, journalists, dramatist, model and cultural workers gather at Cheragee Pahar Circle every day.[4] Pohela Boishakh, Pohela Falgun is celebrated in every year at the place.[5]

In 2012, a site specific art exhibition held at the place, where young artists and curator experiments with new art forms and media in his exhibitions.[6]

Media and communications[edit]

Several newspapers, including daily newspapers, opposition newspaper, business newspapers based in Chittagong are published from the place. Various little magazines are also published and distributed from Cheragi Pahar. BEside the newspapers offices, cultural-book shops can also be found here.

Newspaper publishes[edit]



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