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For the Hindu Nayanar saint, see Rajashekhara Varman. For the myths of Cheraman Perumal, see Cheraman Perumal myths.

Cheraman Perumal (Malayalam: ചേരമാൻ പെരുമാൾ; Tamil: சேரமான் பெருமாள்; Arabic: تشيرامان بيروميل‎‎) is the royal title used by the rulers of the Chera dynasty in southern India. The title has sometimes mistakenly been taken to refer exclusively to some kings of the dynasty, particularly Rama Varma Kulashekhara and Rajashekhara Varman, but Hermann Gundert has observed that the title "Cheraman" is simply the name of the dynasty of Chera.[1] The land on which the Cheramun Jami Masjid stands, was donated to the Muslims by Hindu King Cheramun Perumal of Kerala. According to legends, Cherman Perumal, travelled to Madina to visit with the Islamic prophet Muhammad.[2] He died on his way back and is now buried in Salalah, Oman.[3][4][5]

In popular culture[edit]

In March 2014, it was announced that Malayalam actor Mammootty will play the role of Cheraman Perumal in a film.[6][7]


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