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Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company (Ukrainian: Український Танцювалний Ансамбль "Черемош", translit. Ukrayins'kiy Tantsyuvalniy Ansambl' "Cheremosh") is a Ukrainian dance company based in Edmonton, Alberta and a leader of Ukrainian dance in Canada. It was founded in 1969 by Chester and Luba Kuc and named after the Cheremosh River that separates the historic regions of Bukovyna and Galicia in Ukraine.[1] Since 1991 Cheremosh has been under the direction of Artistic Director and Ballet Master Mykola Kanevets.[2] Cheremosh has toured throughout Canada, the United States, Scotland,[3] and most recently a 10-show, 20-day tour of China in 2007.[4]


The Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company of Edmonton, Alberta, was founded in 1969 by Chester and Luba Kuc. The group began with just 19 dancers, and since then has grown to include four performing groups, a School of Dance and over 100 dancers at the various levels. Named after the Cheremosh River that separates the regions of Bukovyna and Halychyna in Ukraine, the company easily matches the river's boisterousness and vivacity.

As Cheremosh's first Artistic Director, Chester Kuc's goal was to modernize Ukrainian folk dance by attempting to convey certain truths about the Ukrainian people. Using dance to make these truths dramatic and effective, he brought his dances to the stage in order to entertain audiences and further the growth of the rich Ukrainian culture in Canada.

Since its inception, Cheremosh has had five artistic directors. Following Chester Kuc, Richard Wacko, Ken Kachmar and Greg Bayda, respectively, led Cheremosh between the years of 1982 and 1991.

Currently, all performing groups train under Artistic Director and Ballet Master Mykola Kanevets, whose distinctive choreography and meticulous instruction have helped the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company and its affiliates maintain a strong reputation as a successful and accomplished Ukrainian dance organization.

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