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Cheri Huber
Bornc. 1944
Senior posting
Based inZen Monastery Peace Center

Cheri Huber (born c. 1944) is an American meditation teacher in the Sōtō School of Zen Buddhism tradition.[1]


Huber is the founder and guiding teacher of Zen Monastery Peace Center located in Murphys, California,[2] which was constructed in 1993. The plot of land was purchased in 1987, with 320 acres (1.3 km2). She was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and likely studied Zen for some time under Jay DuPont.[3] Writer Anna Kaplan says that Huber had once desired to live in a cabin in the woods in isolation of the world, but was encouraged by another teacher to teach Zen.[4] The name of this teacher is not indicated. She founded her first Zen center in 1983 in Mountain View, California, which has since moved to Palo Alto under the name Palo Alto Zen Center.[5][6][7] In 1997, Huber founded Living Compassion, a nonprofit organization dedicated to peace and service.[2]

There have been some questions raised about her authority to teach Zen from some members of the Zen community. Author and ordained Buddhist priest James Ishmael Ford writes of her, "Perhaps the most prominent of apparently self-declared teachers is the widely read author and meditation teacher Cheri Huber. Huber may have studied briefly with Jay DuPont...but it is not clear that she was authorized to teach by him or anyone else as a Zen teacher."[3]


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